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DTOS Application Stories


Advantech DTOS team has involved in the embedded industry for years serving dedicated and streamlined customization services to enable a variety of applications in the market.

Self-service Café/Bar Kiosk Serves as the Springboard for Convenience Store Chain’s New Business Model
Advantech’s extensive experience creating interactive kiosks enabled the convenience store chain to turn their domain know-how and business insights into a successful cashier/contact-free coffee bar.
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Lightweight Portable Device Boosts Remote Video Transmission Capabilities
The customer required a reliable DMS partner to provide a customized integrated solution that included wireless connectivity, a touch LCD, CPU board, and a customized design. Advantech was able to leverage its strong relationship with global partners and high capacity for customization to develop a device that met customer’s predefined functions.
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Toward a Carbon Neutral City: Advantech Assists Smart Parking Meter Solution with Power-Efficient Technologies
Because of its long-term experience with IoT applications and production of industrial-grade Arm-based computing platforms, Advantech was chosen by a system integration partner for smart parking meter solutions in Asia.
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Advantech’s In-Vehicle Computer Facilitates a Comprehensive Fleet Management and Infotainment Solution
A renowned European systems integrator (SI) specializing in fleet connectivity, infotainment solutions, and passenger information systems (PIS) has chosen Advantech as its strategic partner. Through this cooperation, the two companies were able to assist a coach operator with improving fleet efficiency and increasing passenger satisfaction.
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Advantech Enhances Passenger Safety and Services on the Sydney Metro System
Seeking a system that complies with EN50155, EN50121-4, and IEC 61373 railway application standards, a global technology leader chose Advantech’s ARK-2250R ultra-rugged railway transportation solution (TS) to improve safety and enhance services on the Sydney Metro System. The solution needs to handle heavy workloads and harsh environments.
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